UDP, Inc. develops operational management applications to provide hosted
solutions and services for dynamic telecom companies.  UDP, Inc.'s applications
require minimal upfront investment and are economical to operate.

Customer Care
and Billing

Integrated Customer Care,
OSS, Billing, and
Provisioning Solutions

  • View our video introduction here.
  • Make the most of every customer contact with
  • OSS & BSS customer care and sales tools.
  • Bill voice, data, video, and other services on a 
    single converged bill.
  • Streamline implementation and changes to
  • services with automated provisioning and
  • workflow management.
  • Improve cash flow and reduce environmental
    impact with Electronic Bill Presentation and
  • Payment (EBPP) for telecom billing.

Access Billing

Carrier Access Billing
(CABS), Facilities Access
Billing (FABS) and
Reciprocal Compensation

  • View our video overview.
  • Faster payments as a
  • result of bill integrity,
    delivery format and
    dispute resolution resources.
  • Validate and forecast with
    confidence using superior reporting
    tools and data archive.
  • Increase operations staff effectiveness by 
    teaming them with UDP’s experience.

 Accounting Tools

  Telecom Industry-Specific 
  Solutions for Accounting
  and Asset Management

  •   Face USAC audits with confidence using  an
      FCC Part 32 Compliant enterprise resource planning
      (ERP) system powered by Microsoft Dynamics®.
  •   Add flexibility to depreciation calculation with
      UDP's Continuing Property Records module.
  •   Simplify management of adjustments, unit costs and 
      detailed requirements of telecom accounting. 
  •   Intuitive interface streamlines processes and
      reduces errors by virtually eliminating dual
      data entry.

               Integrated Customer Care
               Telecom Billing
               Provisioning Solutions

                  Carrier Access Billing (CABS)
                  Facilities Access Billing (FABS)
                  Reciprocal Compensation (Recip Comp)

                  UDP Telecom Accounting Suite  
                  Microsoft Dynamics®                
                  UDP CPR Solution

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